we believe in the power of women.

we believe in supporting all people on their breastfeeding journey, whether breastfeeding or not.

to every woman who thinks they aren’t being seen: we see you. for every tear, every laugh, every exhausted moment you aren’t sure you’re doing it right: we believe in you. you are worthy. you are important. you matter.

as women, we all hurt, we all heal, we all need love. but the reality is not all women are treated equal as racial inequities continue to impact breastfeeding support for Black families across America.

CDC research shows that hospitals supporting primarily Black populations are less likely to initiate breastfeeding within the first hour of birth or offer lactation support following delivery. Black babies are often provided formula at these hospitals, which helps result in them being 15% less likely than white infants to ever be breastfed.

leaxy is committed to dismantling racism in breastfeeding assistance by advocating for Black families and amplifying the great work of the non-profit, Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA).

10% of all profits will be donated to help fulfill BMBFA’s mission of reducing racial inequities in breastfeeding support. to learn more about their incredible work, please visit their website here.