our story.

leaxy was born out of wet frustration.

after breastfeeding my oldest daughter, brooklyn, for a year, I was sick and tired of sleeping with a towel on my chest every night to absorb my leaks. I craved solutions that didn’t exist, so, I did what any other rebellious creator would do… I bucked the system and worked to create my own solution.

the goal for leaxy is simple: help keep all breastfeeding women dry and happy so that they can feel empowered + focused on owning their day.

to all the women out there: just breathe. you’ve got this.

thank you for allowing us into your life. what an incredible dream come true.

-leigh, leaxy creator

about our products.

leaxy is patented breast leak leisurewear designed to absorb and conceal milky leaks while breastfeeding.

we design with leaky boobs in mind. our signature nursing pads are expertly crafted to hug those precious, leaky ta ta’s with a first-of-its-kind design. they easily hook right into our stylish leaxy tanks to ensure they don’t slip out. each pad features baby-soft bamboo velour on top and a super absorbent waterproof layer in back, and the best part is, everything is removable and washable.