Leakproof Nursing Tank

The Story Behind Our Brooklyn Tank

Named after a spitfire, Leaxy’s ‘Brooklyn’ tank is anything but average.

I named it after the little girl who made it into existence: Brooklyn. Without Brooklyn, there is no Brooklyn tank.

So, what does a little girl and a tank have in common? Well, they’re both pretty magical. I mean, a buttery soft nursing tank with absorbent pads that hook in so they don’t slip out? How could it not be?

But how we got to where we are today isn’t as straightforward as I thought it might be. I thought it would be as easy as having this amazing idea and then *poof* this gorgeous creation just appeared from the leaky boob skies. Not so much.

Where it began was really in wet misery.

At the time, I had been exclusively pumping breast milk for my daughter, Brooklyn, for 13 months and there was never a dry night in the house. With all of my leaking breast milk in between pump sessions, it felt like that feeling when your socks get soaked but you still have to wear them all day. Just absolutely miserable.

It wasn’t until I realized I was still leaking even after I stopped pumping that I knew this wet and stodgy life was not the one for me. I would do whatever it took to finally be free from the baby blanket that I was laying across my chest every night to absorb the downpour of my leaking breast milk.

And so, I set out one night late after work with an incredibly inconspicuous goal to create something that would keep me dry and comfortable. It soon became of a series of reinvention.

Leaxy Brooklyn Tank

Ring snaps, g-hooks, clips, hook and loop fasteners, buttons, you name it, we tried it, when it came to how we could attach our nursing pads into the tank so that they wouldn’t slip out while wearing it.

And what’s in a shape you ask? Oh, it’s everything, apparently. Because we soon discovered that even the shape of our nursing pads affected how much breast milk could be absorbed with the same amount of fabric. Round after round, we ended up with the perfect nursing pad.

But really none of that mattered if the tank it all lives in was made of thin or scratchy fabric. No, no.

Our tank? Soft as butter. Creamy. Irresistible.

It all culminates to an incredibly designed garment that keeps you comfortable and dry whether you’re sleeping in it, rocking it under a blazer or lounging in it with a pair of sweats. And with it manufactured with our partners in Los Angeles, it’s a garment everyone can be proud of as it’s produced using fair, livable wages for our workers.

In the end, our Brooklyn tank was designed to truly reimagine what fashion can do for women’s unique health needs through a garment that works harder for people with leaky boobs. A garment that I hope you love as much as I do. Be sure to shop it here.


Founder of Leaxy

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