Leaking Breast Milk? Here's Ways to Help

Leaking Breast Milk? Here’s Ways to Help

Leaking breast milk is a common and normal women’s health issue for those who are pregnant or have had a baby.

Whether this is your first time leaking or not, there and some great ways to help make life a little more comfortable and dry when dealing with leaky boobs. So, let’s talk leaks.

Leaking Breast Milk? Here's Ways to Help

1. Whether leaking at home, at work or anywhere else pairing your outfit with nursing pads or a leakproof nursing tank is a must.

Reusable nursing pads are used to help absorb and conceal your leaks and easily slide into a bra or supportive tank. Our favorites are these pads with their feather soft top layer and absorbent, leakproof outer layer.

Disposable nursing pads can also help be a great solution that can fit within your bra. Try using nipple cream if you notice any irritation while wearing disposables.

A leakproof nursing tank is also a mainstay for anyone looking for an option that can be worn any time. This one we love can be dressed up under a blazer or rocked with sweats.

2. Nighttime and sleeping need their own leak-free routine.

Keep your sheets out of the wash more often by laying down a towel to sleep on. Try to find your softest option to stay more comfortable while asleep.

For extra protection from leaks at night, wear a leakproof nursing tank with attachable nursing pads so pads can’t slip out or get lost if you move a lot at night or expect to get up often.

If you’re a back sleeper and need a break from nursing pads, try borrowing one of your baby’s soft, muslin blankets. Fold it to the size you’ll need to cover your breasts and slide it under your top to absorb leaks.

3. Save what’s leaking.

Breast milk collectors/catchers are a great way to help save your leaking breast milk. The shells of the collector help catch the leaking milk that can then be poured into a bottle to use now, or save it for later by pouring the milk into a breastmilk storage bag and placed in a freezer.

4. Finally, let the shower be your sanctuary.

Leaking breast milk can sometimes feel all-consuming, but try to remember it won’t last forever. A gorgeous, warm shower can work wonders for your psyche where you can leak like crazy and not have to worry about cleaning up. Sometimes just taking a deep inhale in the steam while having the water rinse away your leaks can make all of the difference you need.

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