Best Nursing Tank: How To Pick It

Best Nursing Tank: What to Look For

Having a good nursing tank is like having a wise friend who just knows what you need without having to ask.

The right nursing tank can make life easier during a time where everything can feel like pure chaos. So, in the name of all things magical, let’s dive into the wondrous world that is nursing tanks.

What makes nursing tanks so helpful:

Well, for one, they’re designed specifically for breastfeeding boobs. Whether latching a baby or pumping while breastfeeding, it’s all about easy access.

Nursing tanks are great because many have nursing clips in the front of the garment that can un-clip to bare your breasts for latching or pumping without having to lift up or take off your top. What may seem like a small feature is actually quite helpful when maneuvering all about.

Advantages nursing tanks have when breastfeeding directly from the breast:

Nursing tanks mean no lifting a shirt up and stuffing it under a strap to stay in place or taking off a top and being completely topless. Little baby hands often tug on anything around while latching, so a nursing tank means they’re not able to pull that top that might be bunched up to be out of the way down toward where they’re feeding and getting it all wet. Having a drier top means one less thing you have to worry about.

Advantages nursing tanks have when pumping breast milk:

With a nursing tank you’re still able to have your stomach and lower back covered, which comes in handy if you find yourself pumping in a chilly room in the office or anywhere. It can also help to make you feel a little less naked with your belly and back covered, which can make a big difference in feeling more comfortable if pumping in a more public place.

If you’re wearing a wireless pump then a nursing tank with maternity clips can also help when taking the pumps in and out as well as to help keep them in place better, thanks to stretch in the fabric.

Three features to look for in a nursing tank:

1. Adjustable straps. Straps being adjustable makes all the difference in comfortability when your boobs can vary in size from one week to the next. Having adjustable straps allow you to loosen or tighten the boob fit depending on your needs.

2. Soft fabric. If you’re wearing a garment as often as you might with a nursing tank then you’re going to want to stay comfortable with a non-irritating fabric on your skin. Having soft fabric in your nursing tank is a must.

3. Attachable nursing pads. If you’re latching a baby or pumping in the middle of the night, it’s nice to know exactly where your nursing pads are. Having attachable nursing pads means no pads getting lost in the sheets or between the couch cushions. We have some we love here.

Best Nursing Tank: What To Look For

Best materials for nursing tanks:

Be on the lookout for materials that are lightweight and stretchy that make the tank more versatile through the seasons and can fit your changing body. Too heavy of material can easily make you too hot, so having lightweight fabric is great for hotter seasons that’s easy to then layer during colder seasons.

Features to avoid in nursing tanks:

Tight and constricting fabrics are a no-go when looking for a good nursing tank. You want some support from your fabrics, but if fabric is too constricting it can actually negatively affect your milk supply by slowing or blocking milk production. 

Nursing tank fit:

A supportive nursing tank should rest against the skin and not be too loose fitting, but it should never be so tight and restrictive as to negatively affect milk supply that could decrease it.

Always remember: Feeling good is an absolute

Be sure to check out the brand’s size chart to make sure you’re getting something that fits comfortably. Often times your body has changed in size throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and the size you might have worn before being pregnant may not be the same size you’ll need after.

Never forget the most important thing for any garment, including nursing tanks, is to wear something that makes you feel good. If it doesn’t make you feel good, it’s a no.

The nursing tank we recco:

Looking for a nursing tank that checks all these boxes? We recco you check out Leaxy’s ‘Brooklyn’ nursing tank here. We love it.

Best Nursing Tank: How to Pick

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